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Children toddlers Gaza hospital ICU

Images 2023-10-31, -11-01 (Oct, Nov 2023)

Edited by OmarKN

It's not about Hamas (or Islamic Jihad), it's about denying freedom, human rights and even life to Palestinians!

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Israel stop your crimes!


2023-10-31, -11-01

Sensitive Content
These photos contain sensitive content which some people may find disturbing.

Perforated limbs, third degree burns, amputations, internal bleeding. Lifelong injuries these children would have to live with if they survived. Don’t look away. You have enabled Israel for 75 years. #Gaza

Ya Allah (Oh God) - You are with us!

The stated aim is to eradicate Hamas.
The real goal is ethnic cleansing!

The United States of America, as the unwavering and permanent supporter of the occupying regime, is the main cause of the failures of the United Nations, especially the Security Council, in upholding the rights of the Palestinians.


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