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These pages are all from before the fitna of Daesh (not ’IS / ISIS’) raised its ugly head (around 2014). To read more about Daesh, [go here].

1. Texts in English

What is not dealt with in the texts below, is the extremism, violence and oppression that many of the world's people, not the least the Muslim nations are exposed to almost every from the arrogant powers in the West and East and their regional corrupt deputies.
• Stop all aggressions and leave the Muslim peoples in peace!

1.01 - Characteristics of Extremism, Sh Yusuf al-Qaradawi
Islamic texts call upon Muslims to excerise moderation and to reject and oppose all kinds of extremism (ghuluw, tanattu' and tashdid ).

1.02 - New Kharijism, Sh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
”The Religion of Allah,” al-Khatib said, ”lies between the extremist and the laxist.”

1.03 - Respecting The Qur'an, Ingrid Mattson, PhD
We should not justify or excuse extremism of any kind, whether they are racist and hateful attacks on the Muslim community or vigilante violence by Muslims…

1.04 - Various Questions Answered by Shaykh Gibril Haddad
Nor do we endorse Takfir. Demonization of the other, saying they are munafiq is unacceptable. We leave extremism to Najd and its minions. Come together.

1.05 - The Islamic Response To Terrorism And War, OKN
la harb wa la hirâbah - Neither War Nor Terrorism (from 2001, after 9/11)

1.06 - On "Recapturing Islam from Pacifists", Sh G F Haddad
Al-Hamdu lillah, pacifism is most definitely closer to the core of Islam in every sense of this word, than extremism and fanaticism.

1.07 - Suicide Or 'Martyrdom'-Operations … Cursed, Omar KN
Why suicide or 'martyrdom'-operations and the killing of civilians are unlawful and cursed - a reprehensible innovation (bid`ah) in Islam and a crime in general…

1.08 - The Hijacked Caravan
Refuting Suicide Bombings as Martyrdom Operations in Contemporary Jihad Strategy

1.09 - Fatwa Against The Targeting Of Civilians, Sh M Afifi al-Akiti
Why it is quite possible that young Muslims turn to extremism… These types of writings which need to be confronted head-on.

1.10 - Superficial Demonization of Islam, GFH
The problem is that (Muslims) do not dispose of means (of the) media … Hence the current demonization of Islam fueled by the acts of extremists and swaying even reasonable minds to conclude that Islam and Muslims must be very bad.

1.11 - Are the Shia (Rafidis) unbelievers? GFH
With the Shi`a of old, Ahl al-Sunna have no quarrel. It is extremism of all kinds, whether clothed in Shi`i or Sunni garb, that Ahl al-Sunna stand against.

1.12 ext site - Suicide bombing in Islam, Sheikh Atabek Shukurov
There is no such thing in any religion or system of law … where it says; ‘When two prohibitions come together, it becomes permissible’. It is the same as saying; ‘Drinking wine is prohibited, and so is eating pork. But if you drink wine and eat pork at the same time, no stress, it is permissible’. Thus it is with suicide bombing: killing civilians is forbidden and suicide is forbidden, so doing them both is forbidden squared, so to speak.

2. Svenska texter

2.1 - Om Ursprunget till extremism i Islam, OKN
Det fanns emellertid nästan från början av Islam en sorts extremism (ghuluw), som blev tydligt i det som avser Kharijiterna ( mot Ali - karram-Allahu wajhah).

2.2 - Vårt nuvarande tillstånd, identitet, terror och Jihads lag, Aftab Ahmad Malik
Muslimska teologer och engagerade författare vilka ur olika synvinklar analyserar "muslimsk" extremism och sätter den i relation till islamiska ...

2.3 - Muslimer fördömer hot och våld, M.O.
Medierna underlåter konsekvent att rapportera om att den överväldigande majoriteten av muslimerna i världen fördömer extremism, hot och ...

3. Deutsche Texte

3.1 - ! xx was formerly on this site - - 2008/09/02 Muslime in Europa gegen Extremismus
”Ich lehne das Konzept eines Kampfes der Zivilisationen ab. Der Islam und der Westen können auf eine jahrhundertelange Koexistenz zurückblicken und basieren auf denselben universellen Werten…,” João Bosco Mota Amaral

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