Palestine - Equal Rights!

1. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world's major sources of instability. Americans [and Europeans] are directly connected to this conflict, and increasingly imperilled by its devastation. 0ur goal is to provide full & accurate information on this critical issue. @ifamericansknew

This conflict has been and will remain the trigger for worldwide hostilities, leading to ultimate destruction of humanity. WHY? The centuries old Zionist agenda for supremacy & complete power. HOW? Using their wealth = power to make others fight their wars. @nadeemlutfullah 2018-06-01

2. The right to self-determination does not equate to a right to an ethno-state [Israel], & it is certainly never a right to expel, colonise & discriminate [anyone, i.e. Palestinians]. @benabyad

3. [Everyone, esp. Israelis] need to be reminded of the vision of the Balfour Declaration: “it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine.” @cam_140

4. Attempts to create an illusion of parity between the ‘Jew’-supremacist military industrial complex and its concentration camp victims are disgusting. LINK @MauricePinay



The Media

US media treats violence against Palestinians as normal but violence against Israelis as news, leading to dehumanization of Palestinians. @YousefMunayyer May 27, 2015

Israel has attacked Syria more than 100 times in the last few years and yet the Western media are already treating Israel as a defenseless victim. @asadabukhalil, 2018-05-09

Notice that when Palestinians are being shot like pigeons by Israeli occupation soldiers none of the DC pundits or the Western Middle East correspondents feign humanitarian concerns.  There is a “time and place” for the fake tears. @asadabukhalil, 2018-04-29

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"We condemn the ongoing siege on #Gaza, house demolitions, land theft, and Israel's breach of international law." Gareth Lowe speaking on behalf of @unitetheunion to the crowds outside the Israeli Embassy in #London LINK @PSCupdates

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Life Under Occupation

WATCH: Israeli army checkpoints suffocate, humiliate, and collectively punish millions of Palestinians. Blocking patients from hospitals, children from schools, and workers from jobs. Decade after decade, a population being split into isolated islands, without one day of freedom. LINK @theIMEU 2018-06-05

2 headlines in today's @Haaretz front page:

"9 months in prison for Israeli officer who killed a Palestinian kid"

"2 years in prison for Umm al-Fahem resident who burned trash"

The 1st is Jewish, the 2nd is Palestinian (w Israeli citizenship).

But Israel is a democracy, right? LINK @AsafRonel

Another part of what occupation means - the Israeli military uses the West Bank as a training ground, including "military exercises" with "infantry & tank deployment", mortar shelling, & use of live ammo on farmland, pastureland & near Palestinian homes. - expired link (before 2023-02-04) btselem

Every one of these conditions is primarily due to #Israeli policies. The question is not why a tiny percentage of tens of thousands of protesters threw a molotov or a torched kite. The question is how we can allow human beings to be treated like this. @MJPlitnick, 2018-05-21 @JessicaMontell



Israel - where damaging a fence is justification for death. @noahsmuma, 2018-04-22

The problem with the question: "How would your country react if threatening people rushed toward your border" is, among other things, that Israel DOESN'T HAVE A BORDER with Gaza. Gaza isn't a sovereign country. It's under Israeli control. @PeterBeinart, 2018-05-17

Aaron: Israel is a *military dictatorship* for Palestinians. Its "courts" (for Palestinians, not Jews) have a 99.7% conviction rate. That is *not* a "democratic system," it is an ethnocracy. It is apartheid. @AsaWinstanley, 2018-03-31

Israeli forces routinely shoot at Palestinian farmers & fishermen in Gaza (181 times in 2018 to date (2018-03-30) says @ochaopt).

Less than 4 weeks ago, Israeli forces shot & killed 59-year-old Palestinian farmer Mohammed Atta Abdel Mawla Abu Jameh on his own land. @benabyad, 2018-03-30

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“The ideology that carried out execution-style killings on the #Gaza aid flotilla the ‘Mavi Marmara’ is the same ideology that carried out the massacres at Deir Yassin, Qibya, Sabra and Shatilla, Qana, Gaza, Jenin and the murder of #RachelCorrie." @GiladAtzmon

“The killing of a clearly-identified medical staffer by security forces during a demonstration is particularly reprehensible.” @normfinkelstein

Comment: This is premeditated murder- this paramedic as were previous paramedics and journalists, are executed for their media visibility. @efratmar

Today marks 70 years since the massacre at Deir Yassin. The attacks in Gaza are a reminder that the spirit of this massacre lives on in Israel. It is past time to confront the Western part in this tragedy. #Nakba #DeirYassinMassacre #GazaReturnMarch @Mondoweiss 2018-04-0



Help me understand #Gaza:

The Palestinians:

-are civilians

-are armed with rocks and...stuff

-killed 0 Israelis

The Israelis:

-are soldiers

-are armed with machine guns, sniper rifles, drones

-killed 100+ Palestinians

How is this massacre in line with American values? @BFriedmanDC, 2018-06-03

Given Israel's relentless violence on every aspect of their lives, it's a wonder that retaliatory violence by Palestinians is so rare. @AliAbunimah, May 27, 2015

WATCH: Israeli snipers shoot an unarmed Palestinian man in a field near the Gaza fence.

For years, we've documented how Israeli forces shoot Palestinians for sport. Here's further proof. @cjwerleman, 2018-03-31

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Life for Jews

Zionism made it uncomfortable for Jews to live in many countries which previously graced glorious Jewish communities. What are they giving in return?

An unsafe and very volatile country where Jews should feel at 'home'! So much to 'celebrate' on #Israel70.. @TorahJews

Are there any ‘Jews of conscience’ who are motivated by anything other than maintaining a positive image for ‘the Jews’? How about some genuine concern for the good of the victims of Judeocentricity of which Judaic ‘solidarity’ is just another manifestation? @MauricePinay

Counterfeit Israel never had a conscience. It had a counterfeit conscience. It had an information blackout & it had Elie Wiesel anesthetizing the West’s conscience with his ‘Holocaust’ sorcery. But he’s gone now, thank God, and the effects are wearing off @MauricePinay

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Other Religions

I’m sick of Orthodox Judaism being beautified via the arts to nearly the same degree as Christianity is trashed @MauricePinay, 2018-04-29

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Other Countries

This in my opinion is a MUST READ. It not only proves Israeli role in promoting violence against Muslim minorities but the role of Jews in Western countries. Thanks @GiladAtzmon for posting this. @DALowdell, 2018-05-12

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When we want to talk about antisemitism THIS has to be part of the discussion. Because this IS antisemitism, a classic form of it; utilized against another marginalized population. @Ironyisfunny8

In secular extremist France, a doctor denies healthcare to a child because her mother wears a hijab.

"You are not integrated, I don't want to help women who wear the Hijab. You're not allowed dress this way outside." @cjwerleman

This odious racist apartheid entity wants to ban criticism of its criminal regime as “online hate” while its own ministers and citizens frequently incite genocide of Palestinians online. @AliAbunimah

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Supporters of Zionist project

All states that have diplomatic ties with Israel are complicit in committing crimes against humanity.

All defenders of Israel are war criminals.

All citizens that are buying Israeli goods are buying weapons for the Israeli army

#EnoughIsEnough @Dausdava 2018-04

@akibaa @EUinIsrael Israel has had no greater champion and protector of its impunity than @EUinIsrael. You must stop smearing them as pro-Palestinian. There is not one thing I can think of that @EUinIsrael has done to advance Palestinian rights. #EU4Israel. @AliAbunimah, 2018-04-08

Tomorrow I expect that at best @EUinIsrael will bleat out a statement of “concern” but ultimately  justifying Israel’s brutal, premeditated killings. @AliAbunimah, 2018-03-31

Not once in history has EU ever held Israel accountable and it did NOT condemn Israel killings Palestinians in Gaza. EU has also given Israel $500M in @EU_H2020 research funds since 2014. @AliAbunimah, 20180408

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“I don’t believe in liberation. I believe in ending the apartheid system in Israel like the end of the apartheid system in South Africa, and we live all in one democratic state,” says the man behind Gaza’s protests, Ahmad Abu Artema: @elgindy_ 2018-04-08

We can talk about the injustices of Israel all day long but nothing will change until:

1. We commit to a complete boycott of all Israeli products.

2. Pressure government officials to demand that Israel comply with international law. @ShaykhAzhar, 2018-05-31

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