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On The New Creation

Ibn `Arabi

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"At root the substance of the cosmos is one. It never changes from its reality. Every form that becomes manifest within it is an accident which in actual fact (fī nafs al-amr) undergoes transmutation (istihāla) at each indivisible instant (zamān fard)."
"The Real (al-Haqq) brings similars (amthāl) into existence (`ala'l-dawām). since HE is the Creator perpetually, while the possible things (al-mumkināt) in the state of their nonexistence possess the preparedness to receive existence (wujūd). ..."

"No nonexistence ever overcomes the cosmos in respect of its substance [which is Being, or the Breath of the All-Merciful] nor does any form ever remain for two instants. Creation never ceases while the entities are receivers which take off and put on [existence]. So in every instant (nafas) the cosmos in respect of its form undergoes a new creation in which there is no repetition. ..." SPK96

New Creation means the constant and never-ending bestowal of existence (wujūd) upon the possible things in this world.

"Perpetual existence-giving belongs to Allah and perpetual reception of activity belongs to the possible things (al-mumkināt), which are the cosmos. So engendering never ceases perpetually, and the entities become manifest perpetually. ... " SDG61

Concerning the Word of Allah:
{No indeed, but they are in confusion as to the new creation} Sura50, verse 15

"He - Allah - says that they do not know that inevery instant they are in a new creation, so what they see in the first instant is not identical to what they see in the second instant. They are in confusion about this." SPK99

A Term Decreed

"Allah says: {Every one runs to a stated term} Sura 13-2; 31-29
"Allah has decreed for each thing a term (ajal) in a given affair which it reaches. Then the thing passes to another state in which it also runs to a stated term. And Allah creates perpetually at each instant (ma`a-l anfās). So among the things, some remain for the length of the moment of their existence and reach their term in the second moment of their existence. This is the smallest duration (mudda) in the cosmos. Allah does this so that the entities will be poor and needy toward Allah at each instant. For if they were to remain [in existence] for two moments or more, they would be qualified by independence (ghinā) from Allah in that duration."
"This is a position which no one maintains except the Folk of Verified Unveiling among us and the Asharites among the theologians." SPK96





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