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Christian-Muslim marriage
Answered by Shaykh Gibril Haddad

In answer to the following query:

Respected Sir,

I am a practising Christian and I want to make it clear to you before I start off that I am not at all confused in my concept of God.

The thing is I love a a girl who is a muslim. I have a basic knowledge of Islam I have never asked or expected a relation with her before marriage. I respect a persons religion whatever it may be. I want to marry her. I want to know if there is any religious limitation to the fulfilment of my wish.

I do not want her to convert. And I will never ask her to do that. Because for her to leave Islam would be a great tragedy as I consider it too to be a good religion and that both moslems and Christians are almost the same except for a few minor differences on the matter of fauth.

Please give me a reply.

Dear Sir,

Islam forbids marriage of a Muslim woman with a non- Muslim man and considers it invalid. It used to be the same in the Christian denominations regarding betrothal of Christian persons to non-Christians; Islam, however, is a religion that does not change.

At the same time Islam is eminently suitable to new developments for all time to come within the bounds of reason, truth, and right in the eyes of God and Man.

Accordingly, Islam does allow a Jewish or Christian woman to marry a Muslim man with the provision that the children are raised Muslim, which is facilitated by two factors in the eyes of the Law: (1) The head of the household is Muslim and (2) Her Abrahamic background qualifies her to grow into the fullness and maturity of the final Divine dispensation. There is no such allowance for a non-Muslim man who would purport to marry a Muslim woman even if he promised to raise their children in the Muslim faith; the Law cannot rely on such a promise on the part of the head of the household short of his accepting Islam.

As for the disparities of cult between the faiths it is neither the view of Christians nor those of Muslims that they are few and minor. However, it is a sign of Divine inspiration when the Creator wishes success for someone, that the impediments towards his becoming Muslim seem small and insignificant. Therefore this former practicing Christian (for thirty years) invites you to consider accepting the message of Muhammad ﷺ upon him peace, which is the same message brought by Jesus, Moses, and Abraham, upon them peace, concerning God and His Attributes of oneness, mercy, knowledge, omnipotence. We do not make any differences between any of them nor reject any of them. Rather, we deem them the proof of the Divine covenant with human beings that He should be worshipped as He ought to be worshipped. They are the fulfillment of His promise that whoever follows guidance there shall be no fear for them nor shall they grieve. You will receive your reward twice. Peace upon those who follow guidance!

Hajj Gibril
GF Haddad
[May 19, 2003]








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