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On Tasting - dhawq

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(1.) Intro

The religion of Islam is not a mental exercise, or on the level of reason alone. It is understanding the basic elements of it AND their realization (tahqíq) by practice, while following the sunna of Prophet Muhammad ( sallAllahu `aleihi wa sallam ).

(2.) Text from SPK1

”The Sufis distinguish between various "states" (ahwál) which one may experience upon the path to God and the "stations" (maqamát) which one must pass through in order to reach Him. In general the states are fleeting and may or may not come, while the stations are the necessary foundation for actualizing human perfection. …

”For the moment it is enough to recall that one of the standard ways of distinguishing between states and stations is to say that states are divine "bestowals" (mawáhib), while the stations are "earnings" (makásib). In a similar way, knowledge acquired through tasting is a bestowal. Nevertheless, this does not mean that God may give tasting to just anyone. The servant must first have exerted himself and made himself worthy of it. The Shaykh uses the term "opening" (fath) in the following as a near synonym for unveiling.”

From the book The Sufi Path Of Knowledge, Ibn Arabi's Metaphysics of Imagination; W C Chittick

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Disclaimer: First of all it is Islam that reigns (see Sura 5:3).
Traditional Islam does not accept the notion that the world-religions (and even less so any man-made belief system) would be equally valid paths to God, these are perennialist interpretations. Even so, they (their laws) still reflect some sacred truth, so they did not turn into falsehood by being abrogated. These are 2 (two) different points to be kept in mind.

• In the words of Muhyiddín Ibn `Arabi: ”The religious laws are all lights, and the law of Muhammad ﷺ among these lights is as the sun's light among the light of the stars…”

”So all paths return to look to the Prophet's path ﷺ : if the prophetic messengers had been alive in his time, they would have followed him just as their religious laws have followed his law.…” [further reading]

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