The World's Greatest Marriage

Mohammed Aslam


Let's just look at the marriage of the Messenger of Allah and Sayyidah Khadijah. We as a community have so much to learn from the various lessons within it and how it breaks so much social stereotypes.


He was 25 years old and she was 40 years old when they got married. She was 15 years older than him. She had been married twice before him. She had two children from her previous marriages. She was a huge business woman, extremely rich, affluent and possessed great amounts of wealth رضي الله عنها.

Sayyiduna Rasūlullāh chose not to have the dunya. He lived simply and didn't have much of the world. He lost his father before he was born. He lost his mother at 6 years old, and he lived a life of absistence growing up in the house of Abu Talib. Food and money was scarce in the household so as a child and young man, he'd eat little, yet showed signs of much blessings. His truth, self-dignity and beautiful character was known across the entire city.


Sayyidah Khadijah was proposed to by the elite of Makkan society who possessed everything of the material world, yet she turned them all down. Every nobleman who had money, prestige, honour and fame wished to be blessed to marry her, but she wanted something more than just dunya. She hired Rasūlullāh . He worked for her. He did business for her, and she knew of his background, so she wished to marry him.


He happily agreed to marry her and didn't once feel upset that she was more affluent in the world or possessed much more material wealth. She fell in love with his virtue, character, honour, dignity, truthfulness, his light, his mercy, his sincerity and everything else he possessed of great akhlaq. She realised that he was unmatchable, elevated, raised and beyond compare. Nowadays, our benchmark is a house, car and bank balances, yet we still suffer with unhappiness and experience lack of contentment. Learn from the world's greatest marriage.

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