The Best To Honour Women

Mohammed Aslam


Rasūl'Allāh is the strongest man Allah ever created. His body was strong, His strength was unmatchable, his power is indescribable. His defence was impenetrable. He was stronger than 40 men. His enemies feared him the distance of a month. He is the master of Badr and the leader of Uhud. He has the angels at his service and the mountains on his side. His countenance was filled with awe and jalal. His presence was mighty on the battlefield. He is the leader of the warriors, the greatest to defend this religion and the master of those who strived in the way of Allah.


Yet after Lady Khadijah passes away, what does he do? He cries out of sadness and yearning as he remembers her. Gentle tears flowed down his blessed eyes when he thought about his beloved رضي الله عنها. How great was this Prophet! How ennobled was his character! How intense was his love! He said the best amongst us are those who are best to their wives and surely he is the best of those who honoured women.

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