Mohammed Aslam


On the day that the Messenger of Allah married our mother, Sayyidah Saffiyah, do you know what he served his guests? Dry dates and Sawiq (a porridge made from barley and wheat). Look at who is getting married. Look at his rank. Look at his station. Look at his maqam. He is the leader of creation, the master of mankind and the one who surpassed humanity. He is the beloved of Allah. He said if he wanted he could have had the mountains walk behind him in gold and silver, yet he lived so simply, so humbly. He lived with such humility, yet there was no one in this world more content than him. No one had a marriage greater than his and more successful than his.


On the day that we get married, we need a week of partying. We need innumerable amount of clothing. Dresses costing thousands. We need big halls, super cars, buffets, music, fireworks, honeymoons and all sorts, yet at the end of it all, most of us end up living so unhappy. Take lesson from your Messenger . You don't need to worry what people will think if you don't reach their futile expectations. You don't need petty material of the world to feel happy. You need your Lord to feel happy. We will have no blessings in our relationships until we return to Allah.


It is not wrong to celebrate in weddings. We should jubilate. It is a day of happiness and joy. I'm simply trying to highlight that it isn't the material which will bring us happiness in the long run. It is our connection to Allāh and His Messenger.

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