Early Tasawwuf

Mohammed Aslam


Early Tasawwuf was based upon breaking the soul, killing the desires, fasting every day, worshipping at night, reciting thousands of salawat daily. It was based upon generosity, self discipline, high ethics, determination, knowledge, scrupulousness and extreme taqwa. The concept of spirituality was about controlling the tongue, the eyes and every breath. It was about shunning the dunya, opposing the lower self and annihilating yourself in the remembrance of Allah.


For the majority of people in our times, it is nothing but having a cool tasbih, a nice thobe, a lovely hijab, attaching a title to the name, having a circle of mates, advertising the shaykh 24/7, disliking fellow human beings due to their connection with other scholars and signing up people to join the group. We don't want to do any of the actions of the earlier generations, yet we talk about tariqah and call ourselves 'Sufi'?

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