Do You Know What Love Is?

Mohammed Aslam


Do you know what love is? Sayyiduna Handhala got married and a night before Uhud, he spent his first night with his wife. She loved him more her own life. He was the most beloved person in the world to him. That was the happiest night of her life. It was the most special moments that she ever experienced. It was a precious time of joy, smiles and indescribable jubilation.

Suddenly Sayyiduna Handhala heard the calls for Uhud so he rushed out of the home with the intention of defending his beloved , with the intention of protecting the one he loved more than anyone in this world, to assist the one he cared about more than his own life. He left with such speed on that night that he was unable to bathe.

On that day of Uhud, he was martyred and Rasūlullāh saw the angels washing his body. When his wife found out about his martyrdom, she was heartbroken, she felt empty, she felt she lost her life, she felt like she lost the most beloved piece of her heart so what did she do? She never married again because he was the only one she wanted to be with in paradise. These were the love stories that existed in religion. Even our battles and wars were nothing but stories of love. We have so much to learn about when it comes to loyalty, romance and affection.

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