Ramadan the Greatest Month

Mohammed Aslam


My noble brothers and sisters, this Ramadan,

If you don't normally wear hijab throughout the year then try your best to during this month. If you don't normally pray, place the mat upon the ground and prostrate. If you swear then tone it down, if you smoke put it away, if you drink then throw the bottles aside, if you chill with the opposite gender then break it off, if you are rude to your parents then try your best to honour them, if you're lazy begin to make efforts.


We all love Allah and His Messenger and that's a fact, but there is no better way of honouring the Prophet in these days then deciding to make a change during this month.


If the Qur'an was revealed upon a mountain it would have caused it to shatter, imagine if you let its meanings enter your heart in this month - It will shatter every desire, destroy every mountain of sin and purify you until you are able to gaze upon the beauty of the Prophet who was given the Qur'an. May this be the greatest month of your life.

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