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Quotes on

Oriental Metaphysics

Abd Al Wahid Yahya, René Guénon

Edited by OmarKN

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Basic Explanation of Metaphysics:

Physics is the study of all that appertains to the domain of nature; metaphysics, on the other hand, is the study of what lies beyond nature.

1. Why 'Oriental' in Oriental Metaphysics ?

The reason is that in the present intellectual state of the Western world metaphysics is a thing forgotten, generally ignored and almost entirely lost, whereas in the East it still remains the object of effective knowledge. [+]

2. Metaphysics Expressed in Different Forms, Staying the Same

Naturally, forms differ from one civilisation to another, … and I have no scruple in employing others when necessary if they can contribute to the understanding of certain points; [+]

3. Metaphysics and the supernatural?

Can one then make "metaphysical” synonymous with "supernatural”? [+]

4. Always remember the importance of personal effort

Moreover, all certitude contains something incommunicable. [+]

5. Is It Possible to Define Metaphysics as We Understand It?

No, for to define is always to limit, and that with which we are concerned is, in itself, truly and absolutely unlimited and cannot be confined to any formula or any system. [+]

6. Metaphysics Cannot Be Defined, the Exteriour Forms Hint Towards the Inexpressible

For Oriental metaphysics, pure being is neither the first nor the most universal principle, for it is already a determination. [+]

7. Direct Comprehension

To comprehend universal principles directly, the transcendent intellect must itself be of the universal order; it is no longer an individual faculty… [+]

8. The Self and the ”I”

This being that is human in one of its aspects is at the same time something other and more than a human being… [+]


to be continued, inshah Allah

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