The Messenger of Allah

About the Truthfulness of the Prophet

How can in this world a drowsy people comprehend his reality, when their dreams have distracted them from him to this extent? (Al-Busiri)

On the truthfulness of the prophet in all states


Clear proofs come from the miracle of the truthfulness of the Prophet's words. The community agrees that he was protected in what he conveyed and could not say anything contrary to the message, whether by intention, forgetfulness or error.


Intentional opposition to the message is disproved by the proof of the established miracle - which is Allah's word. The Prophet spoke the truth in everything he said according to the consensus of the people of the deen (religion).


MUH299 Qadi `Iyad; Ash-Shifa

{ No prophet could (ever) be false to his trust. (Or: no Prophet can ever be treacherous.)}


Muhammad is a man, but not like other men.

No, he is a ruby and other men are like stones.


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