Abu Dhardâ'

( radiyAllâhu ta'âlâ 'anhu )

When He Adressed the People of Damascus

Sulaiman bin Ahmed narrated that Abu Dhardâ', Allah be pleased with him, was in Syria, and he addressed his audience, saying:

”O People of Damascus!

Are you deriving satisfaction in this world from merely filling your stomachs with wheat bread year after year while the name of Allah, the most exalted, is never mentioned in your unions (or meetings)? Why do I find your scholars trickling down in number, and those who lack knowledge among you are not seeking to learn? —

Should the intelligent among you use their brains, then Allah willing, they can expand their knowledge, and should your ignorant ones solicit (seek) the true knowledge then they will surely find it readily available and easy to reach!

You must pay the dues for what you receive from Allah, the Lord of Majesty and Glory. I swear by Him, in Whose Presence my soul stands, that no nation has ever perished except when the people pursued their own fancies, praised their own devotion, and took pride in their personal achievements.”

Hilyat-ul Awliyā wa Tabaqāt-ul Asfiyā, Imam al-Hāfiz Abu Na’īm al-Asfahani; Beauty of the Righteousness

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Accounts of other Sahaba,

the Companions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

A Saying by Huthaifa Bnul Yammān

Abu Muhammad bin Hayyān narrated that Huthaifa Bnul Yammān, God be pleased with him, once said:

”The most I fear for this nation of believers (*umma* ), is that they give preference to what they see [appearences] over what they know [to be true and real*], and to step into heedlessness without realizing it.”

*True and real is Allah
, His Prophet , the message of Islam.

Ḥilyat-ul Awliya wa Ṭabaqat-ul Aṣfiya, Beauty of the Righteousness, p.298



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