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Resisting the oppressor is a duty for every man. (Man here in the generic meaning of human being, i.e. both males and females.)

Surely, the bloodthirsty Zionists are doomed, they will not succeed. God hears the prayer of the oppressed!

Questions & Answers

1. What do we mean by Zionism, why do we use it instead of ’Israel’?
2. If Zionism is non-religious, why do many Jews support it? Or why are Israelis sending their children to Tora schools?
3. How did the enmity, violence and the wars start?
4. Why do the Zionists, their army and their soldiers adopt such cruel tactics?

- 1.

Zionism is a rather modern ideology (from the 1880ies) completely non-religious, a political ideology with the aim to work for a Jewish state in Palestine.
I.e. on a land which was already inhabited by people of which more than 95% were not Jewish. (In the late 1880s were 83% Muslims, 15% Christians and 2% Jews.)
Zionism used for this aim (and is still using today) the aspirations of Jews in the world in their longing for a return to the Land of Jerusalem, from where the Jews of those times were evicted by the Romans in the decades following the death of Jesus Christ.
It was an answer to the persecutions and pogroms against the Jews, esp. in Eastern Europe, but Zionism was vehemently opposed by 99% of Jewish leaders and rabbis. The reason: According to the Jewish scriptures is the return Jerusalem only possible and allowed by God if & when the Messiah has come. Otherwise it is nothing less than a heresy and grave sin.
⇒ Jews in exile are FORBIDDEN to have their own state or army - Read the Talmud!

- 2.

This has to do with the right-wing trend in Israeli socio-politics during the last decades. Zionism started out as a non-religious, socialist movement in the 1950ies. Later on there was an increasing influence of heretical, fundamentalistic (devoid of a better term) Jewish organizations and those didn't care about the holy prohibition from the Tora, never to establish a Jewish state. They worked for an increased Jewish (i.e. heretical, fundamentalistic) discourse and influence in Israel, aptly ignoring the most direct condition in this respect, imposed on them by God. (Other conditions would be f.ex. not to steal the land or water of your neighbour.)

- 3.

The enmity, violence and the wars were started first by the aggressive groups among the Zionists (Irgun, Stern etc.), which ambushed the British in Palestine and the Arabs themselves and later by the Zionist army of the proto-Israeli state (Naqba 1947/1948).

- 4.

They are cruel, because as Zionist Jews they believe being superiour to Non-Jews, and accordingly every Non-Jew being inferiour to a Jew. They adopt verses from the Tora (Book of Moses) which has very violent and cruel verses, but they ignore verses such as: Love thy neighbor as you love yourself!
Also they justify their cruelty, violence and extra-juridicial executions with their argument of having been victims of the Holocaust, and/ or that their enemies would like to exterminate them.

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