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Have you ever thought about life after death? Do you think you will make it to paradise? #wordsofwisdom #realityoflife

When you feel ashamed before your Lord due to the mountain of mistakes of yesterday. When you feel constricted and unsure if your deeds will be accepted today and fearful of being isolated from His Mercy tomorrow, know that these are the gifts of remorse (nadm), humility (tawādu'), and sincerity (ikhlās), which our Lord ﷻ strikes into the hearts of those He wishes to draw onto His carpet of limitless generosity and forgiveness, all of which are simply beyond human comprehension. So give yourself a moment, turn to the One whose door is never shut, close your eyes, breath and just say, "Allah".

Shaykh Allie Khalfe

 Surkheel Abu Aaliyah Man, Meaning & Modernity: 5min video, Director of the Jawziyyah Institute

The blog is about how Muslims can best navigate these complex, challenging and turbulent times.
It is about Muslims and modernity; purification of the heart; marriage and family, spiritual wayfaring, politics, society, science, history, poetry, literature, ethics, law and legal theory, theology, or some philosophy.
→ Allah loves and honours the learned and the seekers of knowledge (‘ilm)…
But, knowledge is a means to the goal, it is not the goal in itself. That goal is worship and action.
(From: The Seven Rules to Seeking Sacred Knowledge)

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