LivBlog posts about the life of this world (dunyā).

LivBlog posts about the life of this world (dunyā).
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The Ethnic Cleansing of East Jerusalem 2020

Massive Home Demolitons Campaign

Since Trump's visit to Jerusalem in 2020 and his encouragement of the apartheid occupier Israel things have turned from bad to worse, f ex in East Jerusalem.


House demolitions every day - there is a concerted effort to evict as many Palestinians from East-Jerusalem as possible.

United Nations UNOCHA @ochaopt estimates that over 800 Palestinians are at-risk of forced eviction in East Jerusalem, due to cases brought before Israeli [partisan] courts, primarily by Israeli settler groups. via @KhuloodBadawi 20201215
Palestinian family evicted from its home in East Jerusalem | United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - occupied Palestinian territory

This is nothing less than ethnic cleansing of (East-) Jerusalem.

BREAKING: Massive Home Demolitons Campaign Ongoing In Jerusalem.

Almost 1,000 Palestinians made homeless this year due to house demolitions in East Jerusalem, West Bank and Al-Naqab.

Watch the full video here for more info: youtube

#FreePalestine, via Robert Inlakesh @falasteen47

According to statistics from B'TSelem, by 2020-11-03 for 2020
340 Palestinians in Jerusalem were made homeless, incl. about 180 children. This doesn't make any headlines in the "undivided capital of Jerusalem”1

The Zionist actors claim that Palestinians built their houses without a 'permit.'

This is just another sign of their inhumane treatment of the other and as such violates the Balfour declaration2 for the installment of a 'Jewish' state in Palestine. This inhumane policy has its roots in Jewish exceptionalism3 and chosen-ness.4

First of all many are old buildings where people have lived long before the initiators of Zionism were born, so of course they have no 'permit'.

Secondly, in 99% of cases Palestinians don't have a permit, because they wont get a permit, how much they may try. The 'Jewish state' does not give building permits to Palestinians, guess why!

When the whole world is deaf and silent then the world will see big problems.

Also massive destruction of Beduin homes in the Negev region recently (80 persons made homeless in one go).

…and the whole world is ignoring it, esp. those in responsible positions, in the EU to start with!

Number of Palestinians made homeless by Israeli demolitions hits four-year high despite pandemic | The Independent

Rights group: Record number of Jerusalem home demolitions

The Balfour declaration, which was a bad document (bad for one part of humanity and good - in the short run - for another part of humanity) and lead to so much injustice and suffering had from the start this clause:

It stipulated that “it being clearly inderstood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine…” The Balfour Declaration/ Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Civil and religious rights: today we would call this human rights. Now compare this with what is happening on the ground in Palestine and Israel!

Jews (i.e. Jews for Zionism) must emancipate themselves from their chosen-ness, that racially oriented sense of privilege and exceptionalism.

from which Jews everywhere should free themselves. It is a misunderstanding of their own scripture… Prophet Jesus - the blessings and peace of Allah upon him - scolded the Jews for it: check The Bible, New Testament; the Quran.

The meaning of chosen-ness is that Allah - God ushers spiritual powers (barakat ), blessings on those who follow His commands, not on people who have a lineage in some cultural expression or religious group.

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