LivBlog posts about the life of this world (dunyā).

LivBlog posts about the life of this world (dunyā).
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On Macron’s War on ’Islamic Separatism’

Q: Are there problems in our (Western and Eastern and Southern) societies wich have to be resolved:

A: Yes, of course!

Q: Can these problems be solved by discriminating1 or even repressing2 minorities?

A: The answer is no.
Repression once instituted will spread to every group and individual. Learn history.4

So for example Macron’s war on ’Islamic separatism’ is a diversion from real problems such as of globalism5, climate change for a sensible policy based on reason with the aim of harmony and peace.

But when leaders and elites are bent on power and wealth (dunya ) then there is a problem.

Remember when Prophet Musa - the blessings and peace upon him - tried to reason with Firawn (Pharao). This tyrant did not listen until Allah sent great tribulations on the country.

{Truly it has been revealed to us that the penalty awaits those who reject3 and turn away.}
Surah Taha 20-48

The Extreme Policies of Spreading Fear and Hatred Claiming Democracy, Secularism and Freedom of Speech

[1] France, Austria …

[2] People's Republic of China, Myanmar, India, Brazil…

[3] reject: who reject the truth Allah's message and the Hereafter which awaits everyone and who turns away from the guidance of the prophets of God.

[4] Communist states, facist states, liberal states USA, France, Austria (tendency increasing, starting with whistleblowers).

[5] To adapt constructively to the pressures of globalism would mean: higher taxation for the rich, while safe-guarding human dignity and human rights.

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