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  Here we present some authentic texts from the Islamic tradition and references of Islam as the middle path, neither extremist viewpoints, nor modernist interpretations.

  Islam cannot be reduced to an utopia for the perfect society in this world - dunya, which is but a support for the Hereafter and Islam is neither limited to the domain of faith, nor to its domain of law: instead there has to be a revival of Islamic "haqîqah" (divine wisdom) ...

- On Allah’s Self-Disclosure, From The Teachings of Muhyiddín Ibn ’Arabi
- Rules Of Getting Closer To Allah (swt), OKN

- Advice For Spiritual Realisation, Muhyiddin Ibn `Arabi
- Know Your Lord, by `Ali bin Abi Tâlib
- On Knowing Oneself various Shuyukh
- Allah's Names
- On Cultivating Gratitude in Sufi Ethics, Atif Khalil
- Understanding God (W.C. Chittick)
- Ibn `Abd al-Salam and Ash`ari Ta'wil
(Figurative Interpretation of the Mutashâbihât)

- Tahawi's "Doctrine" (al-`Aqida )
- Is Belief In God Enough? O N
- The Vision of Allah in the World and the Hereafter, Shaykh G F Haddad
- What or Who Is God? Murat Yagan
- Faith And Belief, by Hasan Gai Eaton
- Divine Perfection and Struggling Belief
- Nawawi on "Actions are according to intentions"
- On Dhikr (Remembrance of God) from Nuzhat al-Majalis
- About The Pure Heart - And What It Keeps Alive, OKN
- A Survey Of Decisive Arguments And Proof
For Tasawwuf - Sufism in Islam, OKN

- Khayál - Creative Imagination; From Teachings of Muhyiddín Ibn ’Arabi

- What The Quran Enjoins Us To Do & Warns Us 4 items
- Quranic Definitions 3 items
- Consensus c/f some issues related to Qur'ân, GF Haddad
- Ibn `Arabi on Uncreatedness of Quran Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Uncreatedness of the Quran Shaykh Gibril F Haddad

- Alphabetical Index Of Hadith
- The Story of Hadith, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Hadith ”The Book of Allah And My Sunna”
- (Foreword To) Sunna Notes: Hadith History & Principles (pdf)
- Hadiths On The Cosmos, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Is Studying Hadith on Your Own Advised?
- Lone-Narrator reports
- Validity of weak hadith
- Various Issues About Hadiths
- Unreliability of the Righteous in Hadith Narration
- Regarding Quoting And Using Mawdu' Hadiths
- 40 Hadiths (for) Superlative Eloquence of the Prophet
- 80 Hadiths on the Prophet's Knowledge of the Unseen
- Verification For Several Hadith
- Hadiths On The Formation Of Human Life, by GF Haddad
- Hadith On The Present Fitna, by GF Haddad
- Selected Hadith With Keywords
- The Gibril-Hadith
- Hadith of Adam's tawassul through the Prophet MHMD
- Ink of the Ulema Hadith
- Have You Been Blackmailed With Bukhari Yet? Sahih Hadith and Fiqh
- What was wrong with Ibn Taymiyya? [Short]
- Refutations of Ibn Taymiyya's Two Tawheeds [Short]

- The Meaning of Sunna
- Probativeness of Sunna (Hujjiyya al-Sunna) by GF Haddad
- Glossary of Fiqh, H.adîth, Kalâm, and Tas.awwuf
- The Defense of the Sunna: An Analysis of the Theory and Practices Of Tasawwuf (Sufism)
by Ibrahim M H aska-Shaghouri
- Nasiha (Good Advice) For Mosques, From Sh. Muhammad Aslam

- From The Life Of Prophet Mohammed
- The Prophet - A Mercy to the Worlds
- The Prophet MHMD and Prophetic Tradition; S H Nasr
- Nawawi's Greeting Of Prophet
- The Light of the Prophet, GF Haddad
- Love Of The Prophet & Following His Example by Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- On Loving the Prophet
- The Prophetic Title: "Best Of Creation"
- 80 Hadiths on the Prophet's Knowledge of the Unseen Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- 40 Hadiths f. t. Superlative Eloquence of t. Prophet
- The Prophet in Barzakh
- Proof-texts of the Life of the Prophet in His Grave [rev]
- The Names Of The Prophet

- The Farewell Speech of the Prophet
- Poem of Tawassul and Praise
- What Makes A Person Kafir? Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Who is a kafir? Omar KN
- Who Are The Disbelievers? Sh. Hamza Yusuf [summarized]
- Kafir, kufr; Sh. Fadel Soliman [transcr.]
- Is Religion The Opiate Of The Masses? Sh. Fadel Soliman [transcr.]
- The Essence of Worship In Islam; Sh. Fadel Soliman [transcr.]

- Importance of a Good Shaykh, Shaykh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani

- The Awliyâ'u-LLahi, About The Pious Worshippers of Allah

- The Meaning of Nafs, Muhammad 'Afifi al-'Akiti   < all of his texts >

scholars - written by Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Al-Ash`ari (ra)
- Al-Maqrizi
- Abu Hanifa
- Ibn Furak Al-Shafi`i'
- Al-Suyuti
- Al-Tustari
- Al-Kawthari
- Those Who Attack Al-Kawthari
- Mujahid
- Ibn Arabi
- Al-Junayd Al-Baghdadi
- Al-Ghazali ( with list of works ), GF Haddad
- Defending the Ihya from those Devoid of Shame, GFH
- Ibn Abi Shayba
- Regarding Sheikh Al-Albaani
- Regarding The Detractors of Ihya
- Shaykh Wahbi Ghawji Bio-Bibliography
- Those Who Attack Imam Ghazali

- Al-Najjad
- Khâlid ibn Ma`dân
- Khumayyis (whb pseudo-scholar)
- Who Are Imitated in Islam, GF Haddad
- Scholarly Titles in Islam
- Ahmad ibn Taymiyya (661-728)
- Ibn Taymiyya/Shah Wali Allah/Ibn `Abd al-Barr
- Refutation of Ihsan Ilahi Zahir
- < List of Scholars >

- Madhhabs of the Imams of Hadith
- Sahaba

- Spiritual Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq
- The Formation Of Sufism As A Science, Sh. `Abd Al-Qadir `Isa
- What is Sufism, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Sufism in Islam, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- About The Pure Heart - And What It Keeps Alive, OKN

- Ibn Taymiyya On "Futooh Al-Ghayb" And Sufism
- Al-Sakhawi's Sufi Teachers
- Islamic Sufism, Notes Fr. Speech By S H Nasr
- Al-Shâfi`î and Tas.awwuf
- Advice from Abu Hasan al-Shádhili

- Tasawuf Al-Qaradawi
- A Survey Of Decisive Arguments And Proof ed. Omar KN
- Sharî`ah, Tarîqah And Haqîqah, S H Nasr
- Intellect, Reason and Unity Of Being, S H Nasr
- Shams, Mother Of The Poor Ibn `Arabi

- Signs Of The Hour

- An Example Of Al-Shafi`i's Jurisprudence
- The Superiority Of Fiqh Over Hadith
- Fiqh Questions - Answers, by Sidi Gibril F Haddad
- texts by Shaykh Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti
- Fiqh-texts by Sidi Musa Furber, acc. to hanbali madhhab

- Descent of Isa (Jesus), peace upon him
- Dhikr Allah, Allah
- On Improving The Cooperation Among Muslims, Sa'id Foudah
- Ad-Dîn, the Religion (of Islam), selected hadith
- Al-Khilafa And Imam al-Ghazali
- Documentation of "Greater Jihad" hadith, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Famous Quotes

- Fatawa of the rightly guided Imams on Mawlid
- Fiqh Questions
- Foreordained Destiny & Inefficacy of Material Causes-&-Effects
- Frequent Questions About Islam And Religion - FAQ
- Islamic Concepts Database (ICD)
- Islamic Parallels With Antichrist Story

- Jawahir al-Kalamiyya Questionnaire
- List of Fiqh Questions
- Marriage And Sexual Intercourse, As-Suyuti
- Mufti Taqi Usmani's Fatwa on Mawlid
- Narrations on wife's piety to husband
- Nawawi, Subki, & Ghazali On Ta'wil
- Outline Of Misbah Al-Anam, by al-Habib `Alawi, Sh Gibril F Haddad

- Questions on Aqida and Usul
- Saying La Ilaha ila-llah
- Salat al-Duha - Awwabin
- Spiritual Remedies, As-Suyuti
- Story of the Cranes - 'Satanic Verses'
- The Speech and Word of Allah (Kalâm) A bin Hamid Ali

- The Danger of Opposing His Command, Qadi `Iyad
- The Meaning of Bid'a Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- The Obligation Of Nasiha For The Prophet, Qadi `Iyad
- The Qadariyya, Mu`tazila, and Shî`a, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- The Sunni Definition of Bid`a As Either Good or Bad
- Harms of Tongue. Imam Al-Ghazali

- Shari`a, On The Sharia
- Short Islamic Stories
- What Is Bid`a (Innovation)?
- World Of The Qur'an: A Journey To Morocco
- Umm `Umara Nasiba Bint Ka`b Al-Ans.ariyya
- Validity Of Ijtihad

- Who are Ahl al-Bayt?
- Abu Hurayra The Paragon Of The Prophetic Sunna
- Eclipse
- Hadith: Follow my Sunna - Replies to Shi`is
- On the Mahdi & Imam Malik
- Mushaahadat Al-Haadi Muhammad
- Narration of our liege-lord `Ali from al-Hasan al-Basri

- The Prophet MHMD Alim-ul-Ghayb?
- Salafi Tampering of Tafsir Ruh al-Ma`ani
- Abu Zahra on Wahhabism, Question Regarding the Evil of Wahhabia, GFH
- Tafsir "Ahl al-Bayt"
- Weak Hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari?
- Advice For Students Of The Deen
- Wise Sayings of Khalifah Imam Ali ibn AbiTalib Al-Hashimi
- Rescue From The Potential Injustice Of Free Marriage Contracts, Sh. A. Al-Akiti
- Using Non-Violence In Islam, OKN

- On Correcting Others
- On Slander, GF Haddad
- Compound Ignorance (Jahl murakkab), GF Haddad
- Merits of al-Sham al-Sharif, GF Haddad

- Advice For Arabic Study
- Advice To Our Brothers The Scholars Of Najd
- Al-Albani, Innovator of Our Time
- Al Uthaymin
- Charging The Muslims With Shirk
- Committing Criminal Excesses
- Contempt of the Ulema
- Eradicating the House of his Mawlid
- This Is A False - Bid`a Saud Mawlíd

- Grave Destruction And Desecration
- Ibn Taymiyya
- Refutations of Ibn Taymiyya's Two Tawheeds
- New Kharijism
- Renouncing the World for Forty Days
- Salafi Tampering of Riyad al-Salihin
- Waging War on Islam and the Muslims
- Advice on how to be good, Sh. Muhammad S. Burhani

- More Quran-Only Feminism
- Ibn Jahbal on Ibn Taymiyya
- Six Muslim Scholars
- Miscarriage
- Ribbons
- List of Scholars
- Al-Tahâwî
- Al-Shafi`i
- Input Islam
- Tasawuf Al-Qaradawi
- Mawlana's Open Door In Johore And Singapore
- Foolish Re-Formulation of Islam
- Interview with Gibril Fouad Haddad
- Abu Bakr and International Law
- Abu Bakrah and the Feminists
- On the fitna of women
- Marriage and "men's cruelty"
- Questions about Islam
- Sufism of Putative 'Salafi' References
- Tawassul of `Umar through al-`Abbas
- Umar's Marriage with Umm Kulthum bint Ali
- Why Must Women Pray Behind Men?
- Shaykh Abd al-Qadir Gilani's Lineage
- The Murabitun and Shaykh Nazim
- Defense Ag. Slander From The 'Murabitun'
- Abu Hurayra's Two Vessels of Knowledge
- Mustalah And Aqida Questions
- Suhba by Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani: On The Ego (Nafs)
- The Veil In Islam
- Obituary Shaykh Ahmad Kuftaro (rahimahullah)
- Wadud's Way
- Apostasy, concerning ~
- Greatness Of Arabs
- Durood-e-Taj
- No Difference between Barelwis and Deobandis
- Regarding The Asma An-Nabi MHMD
- Accounting with Fanaticism
- "Hayati khayrun lakum" and Lake-Fount Hadiths
- What Is Meant By The Quran
- Hidden blessings of remote communities
- Islam, men & women
- Ahmadi-Sunni couple question
- Definition of the term "taghut"
- Tasawwuf - Sufism in Islam, Hamza Yusuf
- The Role of Sufism in Building Good Character Today
- Various Questions & Answers (1)
- Various Questions & Answers (2)
- Various Questions & Answers (3)
- Various Questions & Answers (4)
- Imâm Al-Qurtûbî -pdf

- The Coming of the Mahdi

- My Companions are like the Stars

- The Musalsal of Surat al-Saff, F Owaisi
- Istiwa' is a Divine Act
- Beatic Vision
- Have you seen a faqih - Reason And Knowledge in Islam
- Seek Knowledge as far as China

More texts by Shaykh Gibril F Haddad:

- Book Review: Seyyed Hossein Nasr et al., ed.; The Study Quran
- Book Review: Niaz A. Shah, ed. Islam and the Law of Armed Conflict
- On The Naqshbandi Chain of Narrators
- Misquoting Qur'an To Misinterpret Islam
- 'True' dreams 1/46 of prophecy
- Smoke ban begs enforcement
- Mawlid article
- Donating reward of Salat
- Hanbali `Aqida of Shaykh `Abd al-Qadir
- Instructing the dead after burial etc.
- Qasida Burda verses 35-36
- Questions about the Hadra
- UK Kharijis
- Women's Intelligence Hadith Again
- Tawassul of `Umar through al-`Abbas, Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- Those Who Attack Al-Kawthari

- Al-Najjad
- Regarding The Detractors of Ihya
- Verification Of Several Hadith
- Ahmad ibn Taymiyya (661-728)
- Ibn Taymiyya/Shah Wali Allah/Ibn `Abd al-Barr
- Khâlid ibn Ma`dân
- Muslims read your own history
- Narrations on wife's piety to husband
- Disciplining and punishing dependents
- Questions on Aqida and Usul
- A Qur'an-only Feminist
- Comment on: The Place of Women in Pure Islam
- Nigeria's Ugly Pageant
- On article "Recapturing Islam from Pacifists"
- Refutation of Ihsan Ilahi Zahir

- Sahaba
- Salat al-Duha - Awwabin
- "Salafi" forgeries/manipulations
- Story of the Cranes / "Satanic verses" (updated)
- Stoking Intolerance: Reply to The Partisan Review
- Standard Missionary Islamophobia
- Tomb Structures, Visits, and Vows
- Mufti Taqi Usmani's Fatwa on Mawlid
- The Book of Allah and my Sunna
- Regarding the text: The "Hand" of Allah
- World Of The Qur'an: A Journey To Morocco
- How not to pray (book review)
- Imâm Ahmad's `Aqîda and Pseudo-H. anbal `Aqîda
- Validity Of Ijtihad
- Validity of weak hadith
- Enduring Myths of Orientalism

- Virtues of Madina
- How many types of ijaza are there?
- Tawajjuh-Tasawwur-Suhba-Rabita
- Were all the sahaba at an equal level of superlative learning?
- Reciting the 99 Names under a guide
- Regarding Literalism - Anthropomorphism
- "Keeper of my Sunna a Shaheed" hadith
- Hadith on Surat al-Waqi`a against poverty

- Awliya and Qutb
- Panegyrics of the Companions
- Mistranslation of a hadith in Sahih Muslim
- What is haram is haram at all times
- Adding salawat after al-hamdulillah is always excellent
- Abu Hanifa and uncreatedness of Qur'an ('shaukani' website)
- Praying with Shoes in the Masjid
- Tradisi Berserban Di Dalam Islam
- Sifat Keibuan dan Keperluan Kewajipan Anak

- An accepted orthodox principle?
- Thief death sentence and other hadiths
- Review of Taner Edis's _An Illusion of Harmony_
- Looking for American Imams?
- Al-Razi on Atomism vs Hylomorphism + "Islamization of Science"
- Hammad al-Ansari
- Forbidden Forms of Dhikr
- Hadith "Our Lord was in a heavy cloud"
- Do Muslims Have to Give Bay'a to an Amir?
- How I Came To Islam, F Haddad

sum - Updated list of GF Haddad's texts @ < link >

- On article "Recapturing Islam from Pacifists"
- Stoking Intolerance: Reply to The Partisan Review
- Standard Missionary Islamophobia
- Concerning The Present Pope's Remarks On Islam, Sh Nazim al-Haqqani

- Crisis Of The Modern World; René Guénon / 'Abd al-Wâhid Yahya
- Tradition And Traditionalism -- an excerpt (The Reign of Quantity)
- Quotations from René Guénon
- What Is Normal And What Normality?
- Modernism And Modern Thought
- Modernism And The Modern World
- The Nature Of Sacred Knowledge Q / A
- Knowledge of the Sacred, S H Nasr; Q / A
- The Living Character of Islamic Tradition, by A Shafaat
- René Guénon's Legacy Today; From An Interview With M Sedgwick
- What Is Traditional Islam? from S. H. Nasr
- On The Significance Of The Teachings Of René Guénon; Omar K N

- Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Keynote Address
- In The Beginning Is Consciousness, SH Nasr
- Antitradition And Countertradition; (René Guénon)
- Are Non-Islamic Religions Valid?, Omar N
- Metaphysical Foundations
- Insights Into The Nature Of (Being) And Existence Sh. Ibn `Arabi
- Oriental Metaphysics; Explanations, And Traditional Definitions
- Islam Is The “Middle Way” Hassan Gai Eaton
- Story Of Early Life Of H. Gai Eaton (b. 1921)
- Texts by or related to Shaykh Hasan Gai Eaton
- Metaphysics - Why Is It Necessary Today? ed. Omar K N
- Indifference - The Most Widespread Of Faults

- Tradition (hadith) of `Ali ibn Abi Talib
- On Improving The Cooperation Among Muslims, S Foudah
- Muslims read your own history
- "Salafi" forgeries/manipulations
- Story of the Cranes / "Satanic verses" (updated)
- About Mistreating Wives from Sh. Ahmad Ibn `Ajiba'
- A Qur'an-only Feminist

- Tomb Structures, Visits, and Vows Shaykh Gibril F Haddad
- How not to pray (book review)
- In Mammon We Trust rev of Newsweek article, GF H
- Imâm Ahmad's `Aqîda and Pseudo-H. anbal `Aqîda
- Eleven (False) New Age Principles

- Islamic Reformation Or Islamic Renaissance? Dr. H al-Zoubeir
- Wanton violence in Muslimdom: Religious imperative, or spiritual dev? H.A. Hellyer
- Defense against slander and takfir, Omar KN
- Narration fr. meanings of verses and hadiths

- Why An Islamic State Is Not Feasable Today
- Regarding the Idea of An (Islamic) Nationstate AHM
- Interview with Sh. Muhammad al-Yaqoubi 2013
- Journalist Robert Fisk about criticising Israel
- 911 links (174+ links on 9/11)
- Osama bin Laden's recommended reading
- The Islamic Response To Terrorism And War
- Differences between - Hamas - ’ISIS / IS’ - Saud KSA Bombing Of Yemen
- Destabilizing Muslim Organizations And Countries

- Islamic State? The Illusions Of Fundamentalism, C-A Gillis
- Extremism In The Modern World, S H Nasr
- LivingIslam Pages On Extremism
- Some Texts On Daesh (not ’IS/ ISIS’), ed. Omar K N
- Saving Islam from the Deceit and Depravity of the Islamic State, Al-Yaqoubi
- Background And Perspectives Of The Paris Attacks
- Suspected Secret Service Links - list of links
- Curing Extremism; ed. Omar K N

- The people of the Book: Jews and Christians
- The concept 'Father - Son' in the Bible

list of Of Sidi GF Haddad's Texts at: < link >

- Middle East - Suhba by Mawlana Sheikh Nazim 2003
- On The Ego (Nafs), Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani

other texts
Articles by Maulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui
- Divine Harmony pdf
- The Forgotten Path of Knowledge pdf
- The Quest for True Happiness pdf
- Spiritual Culture in Islam pdf
- The Universal Religion pdf
- Women and Their Status in Islam pdf

other Articles
- Ahl Sunna on Yazid ibn Muawiyya
- An Incident Of "Istighata"
- Book Of Proofs - Defense Of Habib Ali & Tasawwuf
- Displaying Body Of The Deceased
- Facts About Salafiyya / Wahabiyya
- Fatwa Against The Targeting Of Civilians
- Fatwa On Tawassul
- Ibn Hajar & Akbari Follower Mubahala
- Motherhood And The Ideal Of Filial Piety
- Myths Of Orientalism GF Haddad (pdf)

- Narration Of Our Liege-Lord `Ali From Al-Hasan Al-Basri
- Regarding The Text: The "Hand" Of Allah
- Regarding Whoever Knows Himself
- Shaykh Afifi On "Harb" And "Ahl Al-Dhimma"
- The Book Of Allah And My Sunna
- The Turban Tradition In Islam
- Inghimas In 'Suicide' Warfare, Sh. Gibril F Haddad
- Anger Management in Islam, OKN
- Knowledge Versus Ignorance, Aftab Ahmad Malik
- Ibn Arabi On True Knowledge
- Six Examples of Early Muslim Treaties With Conquered Lands & Cities

- Kalam & Islam, Sh. Nuh Ha Mim Keller
- Taskhîr, Fine-Tuning, Intelligent Design, Adi Setia
- Islamic perspective on going green, Adi Setia
- Signs And Virtues, And Living By The Book, HGE (Audio)
- Sh Nazim On The Danish Scandal
- The Musalsal of Surat al-Saff, F Owaisi
- Shaykh Nazim On The Danish Scandal
- Wahabi Related Texts

- On the Supreme Principle And Metaphysics, RG
- Metaphysics - Why Is It Necessary Today?Omar K N
- Metaphysics, What is ~ ?
- True & False Spiritual Teachers, RG
- The Role Of The Spiritual Master, RG
- Principles Of Sufism
- Sh Ibn Arabi & Diversity Of Beliefs
- Two sorts of Knowledge, IA
- Interpretations Of T Shahadah
- Advice from Abu Hasan al-Shádhili
- Allah
- How God brought the cosmos into existence disclosing Himself
- On Wahdadul Wujud, OKN
- The Book of Wisdom NHM K
- Abu Dharr Asked The Messenger of Allah For Advice

Various Texts By Shaykh Gibril F Haddad (vt1)
accessed at: k/vt1-gfh_e.html
- Basic internal rule for recognizing forgeries
- Stephen Schwartz..at it yet again.
- Bin Baz and Uthaymin Books Now Banned in Kuwait
- The obligation to protect a life overrides all other rules
- Imam Ali in Fiqh
- Is Al-Khidr alive?
- Hadith Mustalah cursus + Nawawi's Forty
- From the Two Holy Sanctuaries
- Tibb recipe for cure of paralysis and stroke
- Qualifications and Curricula for Da'wa?
- Sheikh Ibn Baz on the Flatness of the Earth

- Status of the 12 Imams
- Verily this learning is Religion
- PreIslamic Philosophers
- Regarding: Anâ al-dahûk al-qattâl
- Re: Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad bin Yahya Ninowy
- Regarding Tafsir of Qur'an 8:43
- Narrator who is discarded
- Hadith of the Prophet saying ameen three times at the Minbar
- Regarding the soul of tashabbuh (resemblance)
- Re: Imam Muhammad Ash-Shaybani's status as narrator of hadith

Various Texts By Shaykh Gibril F Haddad (vt2)

accessed at: k/vt2-gfh_e.html
- Reciting Quran in the 'order of revelation'
- Re: Terrible Allegation Against Sayyidina Muawiyah ra
- Friend is looking for a spiritual path

More GFH texts accessed at: fiqhi/sm1-gfh_e.html
- Zakat funds to build mosques
- Minimum age of fetus to be called miscarriage
- Displaying body of the deceased
- Celebrating Christmas with the Christians
- Regarding Marriage and Consent
- Treating addiction

More texts by Shaykh Gibril F Haddad can be accessed at: hv_e.html
- Hadith On Bravery
- Hadith On Hardening Of Hearts

other texts
- Kalam and Islam, NHM Keller
- A Question To Pose
- Ali's Advice to Kamil B Z
- Ali bin Abi Talib, sum of Islam
- Amina Wadud & Progr. Muslms, Zainab Ansari
- T Book of Wisdom NHM K
- KHAYRU, poem
- The Human Spirit Longing for God, poem Al-Baydawi

- Mu`adh: Accept only the Truth
- Man is Veiled from God
- About Salman al-Fârisi

- Slavery In Islam? ed. Omar K N
- Ghusl of Shahada Death
- Moonsighting
- Brotherhood of Man
- On the Tafsil of Taqlid ...

- Scholars of Falsehood, Al-Ghazali
- An essay on t Western World, Tage Lindbom
- The Reality Of Women Protection Bill 2006 M Taqi Usmani
- The New Crime-Terror Nexus

- [ Zionism & Events of 2014]
- [ No To Jewish Racial Exclusivity! & Israel Links]
- [ Stop Zionism ] Omar KN
- [ Zionism & Events oF 2014]
- [ Zionism & Israel Links ]
- [ Gaza 2008/9 ] Omar KN
- [ Some Facts About Zionist Israel ]
- [ Statistics On Palestine, Israel ]
- [ Israel Shahak On Jewish Fundamentalism ]
- [ Quotes On Zionism ]
- [ Zionism, Israel Or Jewishness? ]from G Atzmon
- [ Journalist Robert Fisk about criticizing Israel ]
- [ Zionism & Background Info For #Gaza 2014 ]
- [ Zionism, Israel And Its Breaches oF International Law ]
- [ Zionism, Gaza & Mediadistortions 2014 ]
- [ Zionism, Palestine & Israel FAQ ]
- [ Zionism tweets01 2014 ]
- [ Zionism tweets02 2014 ]
- [ Zionism tweets03 2014 ]
- [ Zionism tweets04 2014 ]
- [ Zionism tweets05 2014 ]
- [ Zionism tweets06 2014 ]
- [ Record01 Of Some Original Tweets - On The Assault On Gaza 2014_01]
- [ Record02 Of Some Original Tweets - On The Assault On Gaza 2014_02]


- [ 9/11urls: look for evidence of Zionist involvement in 9/11! ]
- [Bryt belägringen av Gaza!]

Quran, Some Suras And at-taHiyyatu
- Al-Fatiha transcr.
- Al-Fatiha svenska
- Al-Asr transcr.
- Al-Asr transcr. o. svenska
- Al-Humaza transcr.
- Al-Kafirun svenska

- at-taHiyyâtu transcr. (ext.)
- at-taHiyyâtu transcr. (B)
- at-taHiyyâtu transcr. o. svenska
- at-taHiyyâtu svenska

- On The Science Of The Heart
- Guarding The Islamic Tradition
- The Traditional View Of Man

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